How to Build Deep Links Rapidly

Search engine optimization involves building links to your site with relevant anchor text to improve your site visibility in the search engines. Getting top level domain links can be as easy as submitting your website to directories or adding your signature link in a forum. Getting deep links to the various pages of these sites can be more difficult. You can write for article directories but it can be difficult to write all the content you need to build all the deep links you need efficiently in a quick and concise manner.

Search Engine Optimization is all about promoting your site in the most efficient way possible. It is also about servicing the reader so that each step in the link chain services the reader with new content in some way. The whole purpose of an algorithm like Page Rank is to expedite the process and take the reader directly to the most relevant content for his/her query. The reader might be better served by interim articles if he is looking for a specific long tail or if he is looking for a survey of the topic.

And that’s where a website like Best Reviewer comes into play. It services both readers and search engines by allowing you to make a list of top things for any topic imaginable. Readers may find the site useful if they are searching for say top steam mops(then a list format would service them well rather than links to individual steam mop sites) and Search Engine Optimizers will find the site useful for building deep links in a clear, concise, and efficient manner.

Turn Clicks Into Conversions With SEO Deep Links

If you’re an online retailer undergoing a search engine optimization campaign to help drive your Website as high in the search engines as possible, don’t assume that once your homepage and main content pages are ranking well that you’ve accomplished your SEO mission.

Comprehensive search engine optimization campaigns developed to help increase customer conversion rates should also focus on getting product description pages to rank as high in the search engines as possible.

One of the tactics used by SEO consultants to increase visibility for these product description pages is to launch a SEO deep linking campaign. Compiling quality deep links to your product description pages can help boost where these pages rate in the search results. Increased rankings coupled with a well-structured product page with a strong call to action can certainly help an online retailer turn clicks into conversions.

There are several ways to obtain deep links to your product description pages. Three good strategies to build these deep links for an ecommerce Website are:

Encouraging customers to review the products by giving away free samples
Launch a blog that posts about product related advances, features and benefits
Write contributing articles about the product for industry related Websites or blogs

Encourage Customers to Post Reviews

One way to build deep links to your product description pages is to encourage customers to review your products by giving away free samples. Online customer reviews are likely to include a deep link to a product description page and so long as the free sample product is of good quality that product should receive a fair review from the customer. Getting a positive review is always good, but from an SEO standpoint that link from the customer’s review to the product landing page is doubly important for long-term conversion rate success.

Launch a Product Blog

Another way to compile deep links to product landing pages is to launch an external blog that posts articles about new products, product technology advances, product features and product benefit. These product blog postings should be informational and include photos or video demonstrations of the products. But from an SEO and conversion rate perspective, the blog posts should include on-text deep links to the product description pages.

Write Contributing Articles on Related Websites or Blogs

Dovetailing on the practice of launching a product blog, another way to create deep links is to write contributing articles on related Websites or blogs within the ecommerce Website’s industry.

To further illustrate this point, an ecommerce retailer that sells fat burning or workout supplements may write a contributing article for a body building Website or blog about the benefits of a new product that the ecommerce site is carrying. The contributing articles would include deep links to the product description page to point readers to where they can purchase the product they’re reading about.

Increasing sales and profitability of a Website is the main reason why online retailers invest in SEO campaigns. Crafting a plan that utilizes the tactics above for product description pages with a strong call to action can help boost both search engine rankings and turn clicks into conversions.

Power of Deep Linking

When I first started blogging, I never knew what some blog terms meant like deep linking, anchor texts, backlinks, etc. If you plan to have a better page rank for your site then you must learn how to do this if you still have not.

What is a deep link and how do I use it?

A deep link links back to a web page other than the site’s homepage. Deep links are very easy to make that you already know how to do it. It’s just how you utilize them is what’s important. An example back link is this. Here, you will see an excerpt of one of my blog posts that deep links into another.

” …Yes, you can actually get paid by doing what you already are. Check out this post to learn how to make money surfing the web, or sign up now if you already have some clue to what AGLOCO is… ”

As you can see, I deep link to another one of my AGLOCO posts by using the anchor text “make money surfing the web”. Instead of just saying “click here” to learn how to make money surfing the web and using “click here” as my link, I use the other anchor text instead. By doing this, you are giving yourself another link to one of your posts for Google search engine. You can probably start finding out by yourself right now why and how it is very important so I’ll stop here. Just remember that when back linking:

▪ anchor texts

▪ do it often

▪ don’t just stick a link in a post, make sure they relate in some way

▪ use it to let other know about your older posts